Goal of company “HUB Georgia” is to attract investments and make business in Georgia and in South Caucasus region.


Because of its strategic location Georgia is a unique place for investing in different sectors, such are: retail/bulk sales, production industry, development of regional offices and residencies.


With its Sea Ports and infrastructure developed in recent years Georgia already undertakes the function of the regional Hub that needs to be further developed and extended.


Free trade with EU, China and neighbor countries creates new opportunities for both local and international companies. There are active negotiations with USA regarding establishment of the free trade regimes between the countries.


These opportunities enable small and medium businesses to develop and attract foreign investments.


The taxation policy and business climate of Georgia enable us to cooperate with our partners in a transparent manner without additional bureaucracy.


The company is interested in several directions and therefore seeks to attract investments in several directions.


The company unites qualified professionals with sound experience in business administration, management and marketing.


Besides, we regularly study market and new trends emerging within the region.


We aim at transparent and successful business cooperation with our partners.